Celebrity takes many forms and can come from the most unlikely sources. The teenage Eva Duarte sees performer Augustin Magaldi as her ticket out of the slums and into the big city of Buenos Aires. Dumping the singer, she becomes a second-rate actor. She develops contacts and finds, in the small-time politician Juan Peron, exactly the moldable man who can her to her dreams. She makes short work of Peron’s sixteen-year-old girlfriend and pushes her lover up the political ladder to the presidency of Argentina. It’s still not enough, for Eva doesn’t want to be just a faceless first lady. She invents an image of herself in the public’s mind, promising good while delivering only evil, nevertheless establishing herself as a saint to the masses. Still hungry for the heroin-line effect of power, she goes even further, naming herself vice president. Faced with suspicion and rising political opposition she undertakes her greatest sacrifice. She dies, achieving immortal fame. And the Argentineans cry for her.


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