Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel were brother and sister. Their poor parents were starving, so they went out in search of food. They took one slice of bread along, which they used to mark a path back to their home by leaving crumbs along the way. After a while, they came upon a little house made of gingerbread. Hansel broke off a piece to eat.

Suddenly, the door flew open and an old woman came out and invited them in. She fed them mountains of pancakes and fruit, and then tucked them into bed to sleep. What Hansel and Gretel didnít realize was that the old woman was fattening them up so she could use them in her favorite dish ñ roasted child! Now they were prisoners, and the old woman kept feeding them, and when she asked them to stick their fingers out of their cell so she could judge how fat they were getting, Hansel held out a bone instead.


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